COVID-19: Ventilator used for a second Tree Top patient

Tree Top Hospital, located in Hulhumale'. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah)

The National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) has announced that a second patient receiving treatment at Tree Top Hospital has been connected with a ventilator.

In total, four COVID-19 patients are being treated with a ventilator in the Maldives. They include two patients in Dharumavantha Hospital's DH11 facility as well as two patients at Tree Top Hospital. 

"There are three patients in DH11, two are on ventilators, one is stable. 11 are admitted at Tree Top Hospital. Out of them, two are on ventilators. They are both foreigners. One is a 54-year old male and a 29-year old male." says Dr. Ibrahim Afzal from NEOC.

The country has recorded 23 cases of the virus so far today. In total, there are 862 positive cases of the virus. They include 285 locals and 577 foreigners. Just three deaths have so far been recorded as a result of the virus in the country with 31 people making full recoveries from the virus.

Tree Top Hospital was designated as a COVID-19 treatment facility for government use on May 1. The Hospital had entered into an agreement with the government in order to assist the country with the situation with COVID-19.