Defense Force develops a working prototype of ventilator

Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi is pictured with senior MNDF officials inspecting a prototype ventilator developed by the Defense Force on May 4, 2020. (Photo/MNDF)

At a time when not just the Maldives, but the whole world was faced with a shortage of medical equipment and supplies, a technical and mechanical team of the Maldives National Defense Force has come up with a working prototype of a ventilator. 

Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi tweeted photos of the invention by the defense force and stated that she was in fact very “impressed” with the working prototype.

MNDF stated that since it was still a prototype, the machine will undergo testing and a trial period. 

MNDF’s technical team began the work to develop the ventilator on April 18, two days after the first case of COVID-19 was identified in the capital Male’ City. The ventilator is one of the most important pieces of equipment needed to treat COVID-19 patients whose conditions deteriorate. 

Chief of Defense Force, Major General Abdulla Shamaal also tweeted that the invention marked a landmark for the defense force and its capabilities.