Tree Top Hospital bolsters safety measures regarding virus

Photo shows visitors at the Tree Top Hospital undergoing screening procedures at the hospital.

Tree Top Hospital in the Maldives has implemented several safety measures in light of the Covid-19 situation in the Maldives.

The management of the hospital stated that the safety of its visitors was of utmost importance and announced that the hospital had been conducting a screening procedure for visitors since last month.

The temperature of visitors will be taken as part of the screening process in addition to a form to be filled by visitors. The form requires visitors to fill in information about their travel history. Those with flu-like symptoms will be taken to a flu clinic through a designated entrance.

Photo shows Tree Top Hospital officials during a screening procedure at the hospital.

The flu clinic service was commenced by the hospital on March 17. The patient will be sent to the emergency or the specialized department after consulting with the clinic.

The establishment of the flu clinic would reduce the risk of infections as well as diseases in the country and would increase awareness and safety among the public.

The visiting hours of the hospital have also been changed. Now, in-patient private rooms and suites can be visited from 11:00 to 12:00 and 18:00 to 19:00. The patient can be visited by one person during these times. The hospital also requested no one aged below 14 to visit patients admitted at the hospital.

Photo shows visitors at the Tree Top Hospital undergoing screening procedures at the hospital.

Other than these measures, Tree Top Hospital is also conducting training sessions on personal protection equipment, hand hygiene, and critical care training in collaboration with IGMH and NEOC.

The hospital stated that it had not yet treated any positive cases of Covid-19 and was working to ensure the safety of visitors which is maintained as the highest priority.

For further inquiries and to schedule appointments, Tree Top Hospital requests to call 3351610.