HPA reports fall in Dengue cases in Maldives

An Anopheles mosquito taking a blood meal from a human host. It is in the course of these blood meals that mosquitoes transmit malaria to humans. (File Photo/CDC)

Dengue cases reported in the Maldives have reduced when compared with previous years, Health Protection Agency (HPA) has announced.

The statistics published by the agency show that 43 cases of Dengue were reported in February while 40 cases were reported in March.

the agency requested to maintain safety measures taken towards such disease despite a fall in the number of cases from diseases such as Chikungunya and Dengue transmitted via mosquitoes.

The statistics also show that 19,633 cases of the common cold were reported in February while 19,994 cases of the cold were reported in March, which is an increase when compared with the same period from previous years.

Diarrhea cases reported were also reduced with 1656 cases in February and 1214 cases in March.