Convenient arrangements brought by Aasandha for long-term illness medication

Photo shows STO employees working with medications. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Arrangements have been made so that those taking medication for long-term illnesses can now obtain medication through Aasandha from pharmacies without a renewed medical prescription.

The government has previously arranged so that medicine for people with long term illnesses can be obtained without having to consult with a doctor. The move was implemented on March 16, to reduce the number of people visiting hospitals amid the announced public health emergency in the country.

Arrangements to obtain medication from pharmacies of STO and ADK through Aasandha were also made on March 17. Prescriptions would have to be sent via Viber to the pharmacies.

Today, Aasandha arranged so that medication for long-term illnesses can now be obtained via pharmacies without consulting with doctors. This includes pharmacies in the country that are not included in the Aasandha scheme as well. Now, instead of sending the prescription via Viber, people can go to pharmacies in person.

If the prescription is from a center included in the Aasandha scheme, the prescription should not be dated more than three months. If not included in the scheme, the prescription should not be dated more than six months. Applications to obtain medication should be done 15 days before the medication is set to run out.

If the prescription is for a long-term illness, the information of the patient, diagnosis, medication name, and milligram details, dosage and duration must also be specified. Medication can only be obtained with identification.

Aasandha company stated that the arrangements were made in light of the current situation with the Covid-19 in the Maldives and would be in place until the public health emergency was lifted.