Home Minister: Police expending all their energy on containing virus

Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla, on Sunday, said that the resources of Maldives Police Service, along with the energy of each and every police officer, was being expended on the efforts to contain and prevent outbreaks of COVID-19.

In his address in commemoration of the 87th anniversary of Maldives Police Service, Imran said the police force had always been on the frontline of every national crisis, and similarly, was also on the frontline of the national emergency response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“All of the police’s resources, and the energy of each and every police officer is being expended to overcome this situation. The Maldivian government is fully appreciative the role and the service of the police in this hard work,” said Imran.

He commended the police force for their tireless work to ascertain national safety and security and protect Maldivian communities despite the many challenges and risks the work entailed.

Imran said the past one year had been a successful year of policing, and that the government was dedicated to implementing the key changes to policing which changes in the nature of crimes in Maldives and the new challenges to national security entailed.