French naval ships, helicopters in Maldives

A French naval ship harbored off the coast of Male' City on March 25, 2020. (Photo/MV Crisis)

Two French naval ships and at least four helicopters arrived in Maldives on Wednesday.

The purpose of the French navy in Maldives is unclear at this point, and official government channels have yet to confirm their presence.

However, two French naval ships harbored off the coast of the Maldivian capital, Male’ City, this morning, while at least four helicopters were seen flying over A. A. Thoddoo.

President of Thoddoo Council, Khadheeja Niusha told Sun the helicopters had travelled over Thoddoo for approximately 15 minutes.

She said the council had been unaware of the origin of the helicopters at the time, but upon further clarification, was informed the helicopters belonged to the French navy, and were in Maldives with permission from the Maldivian government.