Football stars in quarantine take part in #stayathomechallenge

Photo shows football stars taking part in the #stayathomechallenge.

Many world-famous football stars have taken to social media platforms to complete the #stayathomechallenge, now trending.

Players such as Lionel Messi, Marcus Rashford, Mason Mount, Marcelo, and Isco are taking part in this challenge while being under quarantine measures at home. The challenge involves juggling toilet paper roll, which is no easy feat but showcases the talent of these stars who find it a piece of cake.

Even Maldivian sports minister Ahmed Mahloof was drawn to the challenge. Minister Mahloof uploaded a video of himself completing the challenge and passed the torch to local football legends Ali Ashfaq and Imran Mohamed.

Health professionals have advised people to remain indoors during the delicate situation with the virus, prompting people to come up with creative new ways to kill time and entertain.

Singing and music performances on balconies in Italy, one of the countries hit hardest by the virus, have become a norm. In Spain, dance shows by lone performers in hazmat suits in front of apartment complexes have also drawn attention. Cross-window tennis has also been captured on video in Italy.