Parliament approves Akram for additional term at Elections Commission

Ahmed Akram, Vice Chairman and Spokesperson of Elections Commission (EC). (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The Parliament, on Wednesday, voted in favor of appointing Ahmed Akram for an additional term at the Elections Commission (EC).

The decision passed with the unanimous vote of 72 parliamentarians this afternoon.

Ahmed Akram serves as the Vice Chairman and Spokesperson of EC; and the application for membership at EC had been opened in face of the upcoming expiration of his current term at the commission.

Akram, along with three others had been on the President’s shortlist for potential candidates for EC. The others were former EC member Ahmed Fayaz, former EC legal representative Haneefa Khalid, and Ahmed Mansoor.


  • Ahmed Shareef, Chairman
  • Ahmed Akram, Vice Chairman
  • Fuad Thaufeeq
  • Ismail Habeeb
  • Ali Nashath