Nasheed: Parliament will only hold imperative sessions during govt. closure

A Parliament session underway. (Photo/Parliament)

Parliament will not be closing during the one week of the announced government holidays, according to Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, who announced that necessary sessions of the parliament would still be held during this period.

Speaking in today’s parliamentary session, Nasheed stated that while the parliament had the power to suspend its sessions, it could not do so at such a delicate time.

“The parliament has to oversee what it has to oversee. The laws related to delaying the election must be introduced and passed. If the date for the local council elections surpasses June, the parliament has to find relief for that as well.” said Nasheed.

The parliament also has to be prepared for any incoming scenario due to the virus.

“It is the legal responsibility of the parliament to be involved. So, the parliament might be summoned at any time. It is important that you are able to attend to the parliament when summoned. “ said Nasheed.

He also reminded the staff and employees of the parliament who will be working from home that this was not a vacation.

“Parliamentary sessions will only be held if it is necessary at the time. This means, that I will not announce a session on Monday,” said Nasheed who added that if the situation called for it, a parliamentary session could even be held midnight on Sunday.

The government will be closing down tomorrow and will reopen on March 26 as a measure to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.