Visitors restricted from Thoddoo upon request of residents

A. A Thoddoo. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Restriction of movement to and from the island of Thoddoo in A.A Atoll has been placed upon the request of the residents.

Thoddoo council president Hassan Abdulla stated that the decision came due to the spread of the Covid-19 disease and after discussions were held with the authorities.

“The way things are, decisions are made with the residents. The council provides assistance based on the wishes of the residents. The owners of guesthouses and businesses on the island also wish to assess the best decision for now and restrict the movement of people to and from the island for now. This is not permanent.” said Hassan.

A discussion held last night regarding the matter was taken part by guesthouse owners, businessmen and boat and speedboat operators as well as farmers.

An aerial shot of a papaya field in A. A. Thoddooo. (Photo/Ahmed Akram)

“For the upcoming days of Ramada, the island has watermelons and cucumbers have been cultivated. If a disease such as the Covid-19 spreads during days of high temperature like these, the crops would die if they are not watered every day,” said Hassan.

Discussions to halt the atoll ferry operations are also underway according to Hassan.

Tourists in the guesthouses of the islands, however, would not be restricted from leaving the island at any time. The restrictive measures will be in place until the end of the month and could be extended based upon the circumstances, according to Hassan.

Thoddoo is one of the most well known agricultural islands in the Maldives and is now home to a growing tourist industry as well.