AGO offers training programs required for law license

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath, on Tuesday, announced the availability of training programs for trainee lawyers from the Attorney General’s Office.

The Legal Profession Act enacted in 2019 requires law graduates to undergo one-year training and a bar exam before they can receive their license to practice law. It has left It has many law graduates unable to take their lawyer’s oath due to the limited number of supervisors qualified to conduct the training.

The Attorney General’s Office has announced that it had made arrangements to facilitate the training required by law graduates at the office, starting this Tuesday.

AG Ibrahim Riffath, in a separate statement, said that the Attorney General’s Office assured the full support, facilitation and assistance required by the Bar Council in achieving the components of the training program for trainee lawyers.

The move comes after law graduates presented a petition signed by 389 people demanding revision to the Legal Profession Act.

Bar Council has previously stated that it will take them at least two years to prepare the bar exam.

The head of Bar Council, Maumoon Hameed himself has said that the law presented challenges which couldn’t be overcome unless the law was revised.

He said that the law left no room for allowances, and that the Bar Council had no way of facilitating any allowances without defeating the spirit and purpose of the law.

He said that the main issue with the law was the lack of transitional period.