President discusses to strengthen preventive measures for Covid-19

Photo is from the meeting held on February 24, 2020 in the President's Office where discussions with stakeholders on further strengthening safeguards against Covid-19 was held. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih discussed with stakeholders on maintaining the precautionary measures and further strengthening these safeguards against the Covid-19 disease spreading quickly across the globe.

The meeting was held at the President’s Office yesterday and the president inquired about the latest measures by the authorities and institutions in protecting the country and its people from the epidemic.

The President also questioned authorities on their capacity to implement more measures in the event of a possible outbreak in the Maldives.

Discussions further focused on how to maximise the preventative measures by discussing strategies for possible local Covid-19 outbreak scenarios. 

Following the international outbreak of the deadly virus Covid-19, president Solih established a special taskforce comprising of government officials and experts to implement precautionary measures and organise timely interventions.

The taskforce has been involved in the implementation of efforts to ensure efficient safeguards and strategies such as precautionary border control to ensure multiple layers of screening of everyone entering the country and training frontline staff working in the multi-agency operation as well as establishing dedicated isolation facilities equipped with medical care and services.

The meeting was attended by ministers and heads of agencies as well as leading experts, and the president urged to remain steady and vigilant in protecting the Maldivian people and stressed that the safety and well-being of Maldivian citizens, remained the government’s highest priority.