MDP secures Kudafari council more than a month before council elections

Photo shows President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed shaking hands during the poster campaign by MDP for the Local Council Elections. (Photo/MDP)

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has confirmed three seats of the Kudafari council more than a month before the local council elections.

The party confirmed the seats after no other party contested for the seats. The council president’s seat was confirmed to Ali Shameem from Vaadhy, N. Kudafari. MDP then confirmed the two seats of the council designated for women.

The candidates are Dhimsha Abdul Majeed from Landhooge, N. Kudafari and Humaam Abdul Rahmaan from Miladhooge, N. Kudafari. The three candidates also won the MDP tickets for the post without a primary.

Current council president Hassan Mohamed confirmed the news to “Sun” and stated that the remaining two seats of the council were being contested by three candidates. The Kudafari council is formed of five seats, and MDP has already secured the majority of the council seats with the confirmed three seats.

Public elections will be held for the remaining two seats. The remaining two seats are contested by two MDP candidates and one independent candidate.

No word from the Elections Commission is available yet on the matter and congratulations are being extended to the soon to be councilors already. MP for Ungoofaaru Mohamed Waheed also announced the news on his twitter.

The local council elections are scheduled to be held on April 4, 2020.