Adhuham: Qasim murdered during mugging to pay rent

Adhuham Mohamed is seen being brought to court for the murder trial of Qasim Hassan on February 11, 2020. Adhuham had admitted to the murder carried out on December 4, 2020. (Sun Photo/Muaviyath Anwar)

It has been revealed that the Adhuham Mohamed, the murderer of Qasim Hassan tried to rob Qasim to pay rent.

This detail from the statements made by Adhuham to the Police investigation was revealed in today’s court hearing. Adhuham is being charged for murder with the use of a sharp object. He once again admitted to the murder at the hearing today.

If the heirs of the victim request for Qisas or retributive justice, Adhuham could be sentenced to death. If this was not the case, then under the plea deal made with the Prosecutors, Adhuham would be jailed for 17 years and six months for the crime because of his admission of guilt.

At the hearing today, the Prosecutors read out the statements made by Adhuham to the investigation by Police. Adhuham said that the information in the statement was correct and that he was not under any duress when he made the statement.

Adhuham stated that he had been living by renting a house in the capital Male’, after completing a sentence for a previous offense. Adhuham stated that he had been paying rent by mugging and through the help of friends. Adhuham stated that he robbed people’s mobile phones on the street and sold the items in order to pay rent.

He had stated that he had gone to Hulhumale’ on the night of the murder after being threatened to get evicted after failing to pay rent. He had gone to Hulhumale’ in a pickup to get money from a friend and to rob someone if he could not get money.

After he failed to get money from his friend, Adhuham took a knife from a hotel under the pretense of cutting fish. After failing to find a target to rob from Hulhumale’, Adhuham then went to the airport to try again. Again, failing to find a target, Adhuham then got into the taxi driven by Gasim Hassan who was waiting in the taxi queue.

Adhuham said that Gasim began to yell after he threatened Gasim with the knife. Adhuham was in the backseat of the car at the time. After failing to stop Gasim from yelling, Adhuham stabbed Gasim in the neck. After stabbing the Gasim, Adhuham then got out of the car to get away only to be followed by Gasim who was pleading for help.

Evidence collected from the scene and presented in the hearing today showed that Adhuham had tossed the knife into a pit and went to a friend to get a shirt after his shirt was stained in blood. He told his friend that he was anxious because he had attacked a migrant. The shirt stained with blood was left in a sack of stones and Adhuham left after getting an orange-colored shirt from his friend.

Adhuham also stated that he was willingly under influence at the time of the murder. Adhuham stated that he had cried and repented for the murder after coming to his senses later on. Adhuham also apologized to the family of Gasim Hassan as he wept.

The state presented several pieces of evidence supporting the confession and requested to carry on the case without witnesses if Adhuham did not question the evidence presented.