HDC: Sale of land from phase 2 undecided

Hulhumale' phase 2.

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has stated that it had not been decided to sell land from phase 2 of Hulhumale’ despite the media reports saying that the Corporation was preparing to do so.

Local media had reported that HDC was preparing for the sale of land from the newly developed phase 2 and quoted the Managing Director of HDC Suhail Ahmed in doing so. This led to HDC coming under intense criticism.

A statement by HDC yesterday read that it had not decided for the sale of land from phase 2. According to HDC, phase 2 is being developed under a master plan and for different purposes such as residential, commercial and industrial uses. The majority of the plan is targeted towards providing housing for the public through social and affordable housing schemes, according to the statement.

HDC also reiterated the President’s statements in the presidential address of 2020 that citizens who had not obtained land under the “Veshifahi” program would be awarded land within this year and that preparations for the process were now underway.

Sale of land from phase 2 was also announced in 2018 at a rate of MVR 400,000 per 1000 sq. ft.

People had then flocked to submit forms to purchase land from phase 2 as soon as the announcement was made only for the process to be halted by the Anti-Corruption Commission.