MP apologizes after drawing similarities with Male’ and Palestine

MP Hussain Shaheem. (Photo/Parliament)

South Henveiru MP Hussain Shaheem has apologized after coming under fire for comments made yesterday drawing similarities with Male’ city and Palestine.

MP Shaheem had stated on the “Fala Surukhee” program of Raajje TV that the residents of Male were in the same situation as Palestinians due to migration from other atolls to the capital.

Israel has occupied Palestinian lands after the 1976 Arab war and has virtually overtaken the lands of West Bank. Israel has also established several settlements considered illegal under international law in these occupied lands.

MP Shaheem was speaking about the fact that migrating locals obtaining housing from the capital. MP Shaheem blamed the locals migrating to the capital as the reason for those native to Male failing to get housing.

“After all the reclamation projects, beloved citizens from across the country are relocated here, while the residents of Male’ remain where they are. So, the situation is very much like the crisis in Palestine.” said the MP who represents a constituency of the capital.

MP Shaheem fell into hot water for these comments and barraged by the public and even some members of his party representing other islands within the country. Some members had even called for “war” against the MP following his ill-advised comments.

In a tweet sent out today, the MP apologized for these comments and stated that he merely wanted to point out the difficulties faced by the natives of Male’ city when he drew similarities with Palestinians.

“It was not my intention to belittle people from other islands. I have never uttered a word to belittle the citizens directly or indirectly. However, I would like to apologize for my comments which might have been misconstrued.” said the MP.