Education Ministry changes Imaaduddine School’s principals

Photo shows students and staff of Imaaduddine School gathered for an assembly at the courtyard of the school.

The principal and deputy principal of Imaaduddine School in Male’ city have been changed.

Those changed by the Education Ministry yesterday are principal Ibrahim Shathir and deputy principals Shakeebaa Ali and Latheefaa Hassan.

It is also reported that they have been appointed to Hiriya School by the Education Ministry. The principal of Iskandar School Hussain Saeed has been temporarily appointed to run the Imaaduddine School.

The change of the principal Shathir came after teachers and the parents of the students of Imaaduddine School submitted a petition to the Ministry requesting his dismissal after flagging several issues against him.

Shathir was appointed to the post in July of 2019 after the then principal Ahmed Mujaahid was appointed as a Deputy Minister of the Economic Ministry.

The decision to change the principals came after a team of Education Ministry officials visited the school and took a survey among management and teachers last week.