Qasim’s killer Adhuham sentenced to a year in prison for separate crime

Photo shows Adhuham Mohamed. He had pleaded guilty to the murder of Qasim Hassan in Hulhumale' on December 4, 2019.

Adhuham Mohamed, the man who had admitted to the brutal murder of a taxi driver in Hulhumale at the end of last year has been sentenced to one year and 12 days in prison for a separate crime.

The Criminal Court found Adhuham guilty of appropriating a person’s goods without consent. The charge stems from a stolen PCX motorcycle that was on the street with the keys in the ignition. Adhuham had induced another person to take the motorcycle to Hulhumale’ without the owner’s knowledge.

The motorcycle was taken to Hulhumale’ on August 26, 2016, around 3:00 midnight. It was parked in front of the Dream Guesthouse on Rahdhebai Magu. Adhuham had pleaded guilty to the charges while the other person involved in the crime did not.

The motorcycle was taken to Hulhumale via ferry and the contents of the motorcycle seat box were thrown away by Adhuham. The motorcycle was located near the Hulhumale’ ferry terminal.

Adhuham’s sentence was lowered after he pleaded guilty during the initial stages of court. He had pleaded guilty to the murder of Qasim Hassan, a taxi driver, in Hulhumale after a mugging gone wrong.