Missing divers from resort found safe

Coastguard ship, Shaheed Ali is mobilized to join the search and rescue effort for man missing following a marine accident in B. Atoll on January 2, 2020. (Photo/MNDF)

Two divers who had been reported as lost at sea near K. Maafalhu has been found.

MNDF stated that the missing divers were found around 16:30 after they were reported lost around 14:30 today.

The two divers, both male foreigners were located by a speedboat from a resort operated on K. Helengeli. The two men were both fine when found. MNDF was joined in the search for the divers by nearby resorts as well.

MNDF is still conducting searches for two other men reported as lost at sea. The first, Nasrullah Abdulla from B. Eydhafushi went missing after a collision between a speedboat and a dingy in B. Atoll on January 2, 2020. The second man is Mohamed Yoosuf from H.Dh. Kulhudhufushi who went missing after the boat he was captaining got marooned on a reef near K. Kagi