Minister Shidhatha subject of ACC investigation

Gender Minister Shidhatha Shareef speaking at a news conference. The Minister is the subject of an ACC investigation proceeded against her on December 31, 2019. (Sun Photo/ Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Gender Minister Shidhatha Shareef is the subject of an Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) investigation in a case where she is accused of using government resources while on a holiday trip to Malaysia.

The case, submitted by a private party to the ACC was confirmed to be under investigation by the commission to “Sun”.

The case submitted today, accuses the Minister of using a vehicle of the Maldivian embassy in Malaysia for personal purposes during her holidays with her family. Minister Shidhatha is currently in Malaysia.

ACC did not provide any further details of the case.

A similar case of the Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed was also submitted to the ACC recently.

Nasheed was accused of using parliament funds for a trip to a southern atoll in October to meet with political activists of MDP.