Ministry signs agreement to power two mosques using renewable energy

Islamic Minister Dr. Ahmed Zahir (L) and Asif Mohamed Company Accountant of Technology Private Limited (R) at the agreement signing ceremony to power two mosques with renewable energy on December 30, 2019. (Photo/Islamic Ministry)

Islamic Ministry has signed an agreement to power two mosques in the Maldives using renewable energy.

The two mosques are Masjid Al-Eman in N. Kendhikulhudhoo and Masjid Inaaraa in Fuvahmulah City and the project was awarded to Technology Private Limited.

An agreement for the project was signed today at the Islamic Ministry. Minister Dr. Ahmed Zahir signed the agreement on behalf of the ministry while Company Accountant, Asif Mohamed signed the agreement on behalf of Technology Private Limited.

The project in Kendhikulhudhoo is expected to cost MVR 827,500 to install the solar panels and connect these panels to the electricity grid network. The project in Fuvahmulah city was awarded for MVR 920,500. Both projects were awarded to be completed within 20 days.