Man rescued from uninhabited island remains hospitalized

B. Kendhoo.

The man rescued from an uninhabited island in B. Atoll after getting lost at sea on Wednesday, according to his family, is doing poorly and remains hospitalized.

The man, Abdulla Ali, 39, a lawyer by profession, had left B. Kendhoo on a small sailboat. He got lost at sea after getting caught in a storm.

News of his disappearance had sparked a search and rescue mission by locals from Kendhoo, who went out in search of him in speedboats and other marine vessels.

He was found at approximately 11:30 pm from B. Keyodhoo, an uninhabited island.

“He was found collapsed on the beach of Keyodhoo, a neighboring uninhabited island,” said a local who spoke to Sun.

He was immediately taken to Kendhoo and hospitalized.

A family member who spoke to Sun this Thursday said that Abdulla Ali remained hospitalized at the Kendhoo Health Center. He is being administered intravenous medication and is showing small signs of movement.