Maldivian government declares 2019 “a successful year in good governance”

President's Spokesperson Ibrahim Hood at a press conference on December 25, 2019. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

The Maldivian government has expressed satisfaction in its performance in the year 2019 and has declared it a successful year in good governance.

The President’s Office, this Wednesday, hosted a press conference to deliver its review of the government’s performance this year.

President’s Spokesperson, Ibrahim Hood said 2019 had been a successful year for the new Maldivian government in terms of good governance.

“The government, in this one-year period, has initiated a number of key projects for the betterment of the Maldivian people. It has also derived positive outcomes through these efforts,” said Hood.

He highlighted on the projects which the government believes to be some of its greatest accomplishments.

  • Scholarships to 5,000 students under its “free first-degree education” initiative.
  • 55,000 students from 122 schools receiving breakfast under its “school breakfast” initiative.
  • Initiation of 118 projects in 91 islands.
  • Relaxation of the requirements for eligibility to student loans and increasing the volume of student loans.
  • Authorization of 6 months of paid maternity leave and one month of paid paternity leave to civil servants.
  • Establishment of the SME Development Finance Bank to support small and medium enterprises.
  • Reduction of the cost of domestic air travel.
  • Restoration of powers to local councils to reinforce decentralization.
  • Increasing the budget allocated to local councils.
  • Reduction in crime rate.
  • Overcoming political turmoil and establishment of peace.
  • Granting greater independence to courts.

Hood said that the government no longer interfered in the affairs of State institutions, and that the Parliament was no longer a place which existed “to administer rubber stamps.”

President's Spokesperson Ibrahim Hood at a press conference on December 25, 2019. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

He said that Cabinet ministers were summoned for questioning by the Parliament to hold the government accountable for various decisions on 27 occasions this year.

“Institutions are functioning now. The government isn’t interfering in the affairs of the institutions. The Parliament is functioning. I note with pleasure that the Parliament is using its accountability function to the fullest. Our ministers have attended the Parliament and provided accountability to an unprecedented level,” said Hood.


Hood said that the 2020 budget was designed to facilitate the greatest spending on education, health and infrastructure development by a Maldivian government, ever.

He said that the spending on education will cover the free first degree scheme, student loan scheme, scholarship schemes, and programs to improve the efficiency of schools and teachers.

Meanwhile, the spending on healthcare will be primarily focused on developing five regional hospitals which will offer CT scan and neonatal ICU services to entire atolls, and improving the quality of operation theaters and laboratories at health facilities across Maldives.

“And arrangements will be made to eliminate the need to travel to Male’ to receive medical care for common ailments,” said Hood.

He said that the government faced 2020 with the mission of accomplishing greater achievements than this year.