Broadcom starts meeting with broadcasters

Maldives Broadcasting Commission members meeting with senior officials of some broadcasters in the country on December 23, 2019. (Photo/Broadcom)

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has begun meeting with broadcasters over perceived challenges faced in the industry and to discuss the future of the industry.

The meetings will be held as a series, according to Broadcom. Three meetings were held yesterday. The meetings were taken part by Commission President Mariyam Waheeda, Vice President Ahmed Gais, Commission member Zeena Zahir, Commission member Ali Yoosuf and Secretary-General Mohamed Naasih.

The Commission met with Sangu TV first, after which they met with Fiyes TV. The senior officials of the TV stations shared with the Commission the losses faced due to fines levied for violations of the broadcast law and regulations of the country.

Concerns over large fees over channel riding and broadcasting without heeding to any ethics or responsibility were also shared by the stations.

Strains of the relationship between broadcasters and the Commission were also shared as reasons for the lack of industrial development. The lack of awards to recognize the excellence of broadcasters over the years was also shared as a concern by the senior officials of the stations.

Commission President Mariyam Waheeda guaranteed that the issues would be addressed after more information regarding the matters were obtained. She also vowed to increase the relationship between the Commission and broadcaster, before speaking about enhancing the industry.

Other than these meetings, the Broadcom will also meet with rebroadcasters from across the country.