MMPRC's focus for 2020 set on experiential tourism

MMPRC's managing director Thoyyib Mohamed speaking at a ceremony. (Photo/Visit Maldives)

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) will be focusing on the promotion of experiential tourism in the country, according to Managing Director Thoyyib Mohamed.

He said that the biggest target of the country would be to update and keep up with the trends of the tourism industry.

“The tourists visiting the Maldives want new experiences. Reviews on one of the most used websites by tourists, show that tourists prefer spiritual or intangible or tangible and physical benefits and pleasures. If a vacation is full of spiritual pleasure and content, it is easier to promote, market and sell to the modern tourist.” said Thoyyib.

Tourists desired to experience things related to the rich culture of Maldives. A plan to hold a competition between the islands of the country to provide a special experience to tourists was on the books according to Thoyyib.

He also pledged that MMPRC will promote the different cultural aspects of the islands in the country as much as they were introduced to. The company’s work will be distributed to cover the entire year and the marketing strategy will also shift in accordance with changes experienced in the tourism sector.

Thoyyib noted the visibility campaign carried out for UK tourists, following the bankruptcy and downfall of the world’s biggest travel agency, Thomas Cook as evidence of this.

The focus for 2020 will be on MICE tourism, Cultural and Sports tourism, according to Thoyyib who noted the extremely effective results of the marketing campaigns carried out this year. MMPRC would try to emulate results and make it even more successful with a large number of marketing activities planned for next year.