Application open to hold street markets during year-end holidays

File photo of a street market held by Licamec. (File Photo/Licamec)

Application has been opened for parties interested in holding street markets in Male’ City and its suburbs during the year-end holidays.

According to Male’ City Council, the opportunity to hold street markets in Male’ City and suburban Hulhumale’ and Vilimale’ is open from December 10 to January 10.

Each party will be granted a duration of no more than seven days to hold street markets.

Interested parties have been invited to attend an information session at the Male’ City Council headquarters at 1 pm on Sunday, December 1.

Interested parties are required to submit their proposals on December 4.

Holding fairs, street markets or night markets in Male’ City and its suburbs requires permission from the Male’ City Council. Such opportunities are opened biannually; in the month of Shauban and during the school holidays or year-end holidays.