MNDF conducts training session on safe management of oil spills at sea

Photo shows MNDF training program named “Oil Pollution Response Training 2019-1” regarding the safe management of oil spills at sea held on November 27, 2019. (photo/Coastguard)

MNDF Coastguard has conducted a training program regarding the safe cleanup and management of oil spilled into the ocean.

The training program focused on the types of oil most commonly spilled into the oceans, the effect this has on the environment and how to contain the oil spills. The program also gave information on equipment used to recover and dispose of such oil spills.

The program carried out under the name “Oil Pollution Response Training 2019-1” also informed participants of the “International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships”. The program was taken part by MNDF Coastguard, Marine Co officers and was held in the Male’ city area. MNDF also informed that the instructors of the program were well-trained officers of the field.

Environmental Protection Agency, Maldives Disaster Management Authority and Maldives Ports Limited also took part in the program as observers. The final exercise of the program was held today.