Ooredoo Color Run: T-shirts and bibs delivered straight to your doorstep

Ooredoo Color Run Kits for 2019: the event will consist of music and kite festivals as well as water sports. (Photo/Ooredoo)

The most exciting event to be held by Ooredoo, The Color Run is indeed a different experience. While the last preparations for the colorful event are being carried out, the process of handing out the T-shirts and bibs for the event is also underway. The uniqueness of the event is evident from this process even. Ooredoo has made it so that participants can now order their T-shirts and bibs while staying at home.

Color Run kits are being delivered straight to your home by Ooredoo, through the online service “Moolee”. All the arrangements of the event can be completed with the application, Including the signing process for the delivery of the kit. You can sign electronically by using your smartphone!

Ooredoo advised customers to inform of any issues regarding the kits before tomorrow. Previously, participants had to attend a location announced by Ooredoo on a set date, to receive the kit.

The event scheduled for next Friday has become an extremely popular event in the country, especially the youth. This year’s event will consist of music shows, water sports, and even kite festivals, making this one of the most exciting events to be held by the company so far.