Akram elected as Vice President of Elections Commission

Ahmed Akram (L) was elected as the Vice President of the Elections Commission on November 24, 2019. His appointment came after the term of former Vice President of Elections Commission Amjad Musthafa expired. (Photo/Elections Commission)

Elections Commission member Ahmed Akram has been appointed as the Vice President of the Commission today.

Akram was elected in the 16th emergency meeting of the Commission today. The post was previously filled by Amjad Musthafa whose term at the post expired. A new member for the Commission was then appointed soon afterward.

Fuwad Thowfeeq  who had previously served as the President of the Commission was appointed to the Commission and joined today. The Elections Commission is now comprised of President Ahmed Shareef, Vice President Akram, Members Fuwad, Ismail Habeeb, and Ali Nashaath.