MDP leadership election commences

In this photo taken on November 22, 2019, MDP members can be seen queuing up to cast their votes to select the next leaders of the party in the party elections. (Photo/MDP)

The governing MDP has commenced elections to select the party’s next leaders.

Members can vote on every island where an MDP base is located starting from 14:30 today. The election is to select the Party leader and deputy leader.

Two ballot boxes have been placed in Iskandar School in Male’ city while boxes have also been placed in Ghaazee School in Hulhumale’. A voting box is also located in neighboring Sri Lanka.

Current leader Mohamed Nasheed is the only candidate on the ballot paper for party leader while the deputy leader’s post is being contested by current deputy leader Mohamed Shifaz and North Hithadhoo MP Mohamed Aslam. The two have been locked in a hotly contested run-up to the election.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Speaker of the Parliament and current party leader Mohamed Nasheed have already cast their ballots. Deputy leader Shifaz is also included in the list of senior MDP officials that have already cast their vote.

Voting will be closed by 18:00 today and the results announced later tonight. Around 87,439 people are eligible to take part in the party election of MDP, which is the largest political party in the country.