Police: Those wearing helmets that violate regulations will be penalized

Photo from an event named "Meethi Salhi" by the Transport Ministry regarding road safety. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Police Service has stated that it has noticed the use of helmets that do not fit the regulations by a lot of drivers and warned that action will be taken against such drivers.

The helmet regulations which were announced in March of this year should have a number of safety features for it to fit into the regulations prescribed. These regulations include:

  • The helmet should have a clasp under the jaw that can be fastened to fit the helmet
  • The clasp should not be in a single unit belt
  • The clasp should not have a sharp edge or a joint
  • The helmet should not be tinted
  • The screen of the helmet must be made from a transparent material
  • The helmet should not be of a color that is irritative or distractive on the eye
  • The helmet should not be painted in another color or solvent other than the color that was used in production by the factory.
  • The helmet should not obscure the wearer’s face or part of the wearer’s face in any manner

Violations of these regulations warrant a fine of MVR 750. The fine for not wearing helmets in the designated areas where driving above 30 KM per hour is permitted, is also the same.

Police traffic statistics publicized every week shows that traffic violations and cases of not wearing helmets still numbered high. A total of 17 cases were noticed by Police last week.

The statement by Police coincides with a deadly accident on the highway between Male' and Hulhumakle' last night that resulted in the death of a child.