Maldivian administration moves to revoke license issued to MDN

A ban MDP demonstration held in Male' City on October 25, 2019. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldivian administration has made the decision to revoke the license issued to Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN) to operate as a NGO in Maldives.

The decision has been confirmed by Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof.

“The decision has been made to revoke the registration of MDN under NGOs Act after the joint investigation by Maldives Police Service and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs established MDN’s report to contain content which go against the core principles of the religion of Islam,” tweeted Mahloof.

The move follows weeks of calls by local Islamic scholars, the opposition, and members of the general public to ban MDN following its controversial publication – Preliminary Assessment on Radicalization in Maldives – which was found to contain blasphemous content which mock the Islamic faith, the Holy Quran and the Prophet.

The Youth Ministry – the regulatory body for all non-governmental and civic organizations in Maldives – had placed MDN under suspension pending the criminal probe into MDN on October 10.

It made the decision to revoke MDN’s registration this Tuesday.

“The decision has been made to revoke the registration of Maldivian Democracy Network under Article 32 of Act 1/2003 (NGOs Act) with reference to Article 19 (a) and (b), and the Maldivian Democracy Network was informed of this decision on November 5, 2019,” reads a statement issued by the Youth Ministry.

MDN has been given 45 days to make arrangements regarding its debts and assets in accordance with the regulations established under the NGOs Act following the decision to revoke MDN’s registration.