Justice Adam Mohamed hires Dr. Jameel, faces fresh misconduct allegation

Supreme Court Justice Adam Mohamed. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Supreme Court Justice Adam Mohamed – who is under inquiry by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) over allegations of ethical misconduct – faces fresh allegations following his decision to hire Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed as his lawyer in the fight against JSC despite being on the Supreme Court bench in charge of an ongoing case which involves Dr. Jameel.

 JSC’s open inquiry into Adam Mohamed was held this Wednesday.

Opening the inquiry, JSC vice president and chair of the subcommittee in charge of the inquiry, Masthoor Husni declared that Adam Mohamed’s actions posed a “conflict”.

“This committee has made the decision report this ethical misconduct by Justice Adam Mohamed to the Judicial Service Commission as well because we, ourselves, find such action involving communications with a party involved in an ongoing case, and hiring such a party as a lawyer to be something which affects the ethics of a judge,” said Masthoor.

The inquiry was adjourned after Adam Mohamed requested time to hire new legal representation.

Masthoor announced that a second inquiry session will be held on Thursday.

Adam Mohamed had requested for an opportunity to make a statement before the inquiry had been adjourned. However, Masthoor had adjourned the inquiry without awarding him such an opportunity.

He had expressed his discontentment when the committee members began exiting the hall.

He accused JSC of violating his rights.

He said that hiring a lawyer his choosing was constitutional right, and that JSC was denying him his constitutional rights.

Dr. Jameel has also expressed displeasure at the inquiry committee’s decision.

He has accused JSC of political corruption.

He said that JSC was unable to take an accused having even legal representation.

“JSC should be ashamed of itself!” wrote Dr. Jameel in a series of tweets.

JSC had previously placed Justice Adam Mohamed under inquiry over an ethical misconduct allegation filed against him, at the conclusion of which he was issued a disciplinary warning.

He is under inquiry for the second time over his refusal to accept the disciplinary warning.

Sun has been informed JSC is also in the middle of inquiries into three more Supreme Court justices; Chief Justice Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi, Justice Abdulla Areef, and Justice Abdul Ghanee Mohamed.