Festive ceremony marks opening of Kooddoo Airport

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has today opened the airport at Ga. Kooddoo, constructed by Singapore’s Bonavista Private Limited.

The President’s flight, upon landing, was met with a water salute by the Airport Fire Trucks. The President then opened the airport by unveiling the name board, which was warmly welcomed by the people of Ga. Atoll.

In his speech, the President said that the Aviation Industry in the Maldives is growing, and that the opening of an airport is a big step in terms of development for the people of Ga. Atoll.

He thanked the CEO of KHA Resort and Hotels Mohamed Ali Janah, and Bonavista for their contributions to the construction of the airport.

Janah, while speaking at the ceremony, stressed the importance of refraining from politicising social and economic projects undertaken for the benefit of the people.

Managing Director of Bonavista Henry Ngo noted that a resort of 177 beds will be developed at Ga. Dhigurah, and said that the Airport will facilitate travel for the people of Ga. Atoll.

Today’s ceremony was attended by government officials, senior officials of Bonavista, Ga. Council Members and citizens of Ga. Atoll.

The agreement for the construction of the airport was signed between the government and Bonavista in July 2011.

The airport will be handed over to the government by Bonavista 14 months earlier than stated in the agreement.

Bonavista has also been leased Ga. Dhigurah for 50 years for the development of a resort.

Scheduled flights have commenced operation to the airport following its opening today.