Nasheed’s security beefed up, bodyguards equipped with handguns

Then-Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed gestures as speaks to protesters gathered at the Republic Square on February 7, 2012. October 27, 2019 The former President's security has once again been beefed up amid threats made against him. (File Photo/Sun)

Former President and current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed’s has been beefed up with his bodyguards now equipped with handguns and live bullets.

The reason for the security enhancement is believed to be the various death threats being received by the former President. His bodyguards have been equipped with handguns for more than a week as per information received by “Sun”.

MNDF did not confirm the information and stated that VIP security arrangements were classified and cannot be commented on.

An audio of the current Commissioner of Police and former chief of Police Intelligence Mohamed Hameed citing death threats against the then President Nasheed on two occasions was also leaked in 2013.

On one of these occasions, Hameed stated that intelligence was obtained that President Nasheed’s assassination was to be carried out through poisonous chemicals during a military parade or activity.

Nasheed has recently been on the receiving end of severe criticism amid the controversial MDN report, and threats against him on social media have been noticed frequently.