Statistics for last week show 41 traffic accidents

January 14, 2018: A traffic police officer on a busy street of Male city. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Police statistics for last week have shown that 41 traffic accidents happened in Male’ city. Five licenses were held in connection with these accidents and 11 people suffered injuries from the accidents according to Police statistics.

Stickers for traffic violations were issued to 763 vehicles and 48 vehicles were towed during last week. 20 cases of traffic violations were noted by Police. 53 cases of driving without a license on person and 111 cases of driving without a license were recorded by Police.

Other notable traffic statistics from last week include

  • 29 cases of driving with headsets or on the phone
  • 11 cases of driving without helmets in designated areas
  • 13 cases of conducting taxi operations against the regulations
  • 7 cases of vehicles loaded over the weight limit