Sustainable schooling program in Kihaadhoo with Australian school

A Skype session to share information and interact with each other between Kihaadhoo school students and students of Roxburgh Rise Primary School in Australia as part of a program focused on promoting sustainable schooling. (Photo/Ministry of Education)

A program focused on promoting sustainable schooling has kicked off in Kihaadhoo school of B. Atoll in association with Roxburgh Rise Primary School.

Kihaadhoo school principle Mohamed Zubair informed “Sun” that the new curriculum will include programs focused on sustainable schooling development and the environment. The program will be facilitated by Melbourne University Professor Dr. Rhonda Di Biase, stated Zubair.

Interaction and information sharing sessions between students from Grade 4 of Roxburgh Rise primary and Kihaadhoo School students through email, letters, and skype are also being conducted as part of the program.

“The Australian school is an environment-friendly school where students prepare plant food and fertilizers as well as plant trees inside the school that yields fruits and vegetables. They also conduct programs to reduce the use of plastics,”

“Our target is to take the school (Roxburgh Rise Primary) as an example in planning and carrying out activities,” said Zubair.

Roxburgh Rise Primary currently has around 800 students enrolled while Kihaadhoo school has around 114 students currently studying.