Man arrested for promoting terror groups on social media

Police arresting a suspect. (Sun Photo/Police)

Police have arrested a man on suspicion of promoting and supporting terrorist organizations on social media.

The arrest comes not long after the President assented the recent amendments to the Anti-Terrorism Act, giving police a wide range of powers in some situations. Under these amendments, the act of supporting a terrorist organization and promoting such organizations is also classified as a crime.

Police stated that a 27-year-old male was arrested under a court order last night calling for violence against the public in a manner that would create fear. No further details were provided by the Police.

The amendments to the Anti-Terrorism Act has seen the crime of terrorism be given wide meaning. Grievous bodily harm against an individual, enforced disappearances or holding an individual or a group of individuals hostage, hijacking cargo or transport vehicles is also defined as an act of terrorism under the new amendments.

Moreover, damaging urban infrastructure or severing a fundamental public service or assisting and taking part in any of these activities is also defined as an act of terrorism. Traveling for war and attempts to travel to such a location is also defined as terrorism, in addition to encouraging and assisting others to travel to such locations.