Envoy arrives with a letter from Palestinian President

Dr. Mahmoud Al Habash at the Velana International Airport.

An envoy carrying a signed letter from the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed to the Maldivian President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has arrived in the Maldives.

The President's Office stated that the envoy of the Palestinian President Dr. Mahmoud Al Habash arrived in the Maldives early in the morning and was welcomed by Foreign Secretary Abdul Gafoor Mohamed. No other details regarding Dr. Mahmouds visit apart from the fact that he is carrying the letter by the President of Palestine was divulged by the President's Office.

President Solih had harshly criticized the Israeli actions in the Middle East and stated that Maldives would always remain with Palestinians at the United Nations 74th General Assembly held recently in New York, USA.

The President also stated while addressing the assembly that the Maldives believed that the conflict of Palestine and Israel can only be solved by creating two separate states and called for dialogue between Israel and Arab nations, before calling on the UN and its members to work for this.