Store dedicated for Korean products opens in Male' city

Korean Store.

A store specializing in Korean products has been opened in Male' city.

The store named "Korean Store" is located in M. Fandiyaaru Magu and includes products of the Ximi Vogue among the products sold. The store will also sell "Fast Fashion" products and other cosmetic products. Toys and children's products, as well as perfumes, sandals, and toiletries, will be available at the store. All the products at the store will be from South Korea.

Customers inside the Korean Store.

Korean Store commented that it had received a huge demand from customers since the moment it opened yesterday and also noted the demand received for the Ximi Vogue store in the Gaakoshi area.

"Customer support is huge, We are unable to bring in shipments for our franchise shop, Ximi Vogue even. We will be selling quality and inexpensive products here." The products at Ximi Vogue will also be available at the Korean Store according to the owners.