Govt. to revise legal framework for recruitment of migrants

Cabinet meeting held at the President's Office yesterday. (Photo/President' Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has agreed to the recommendations made by the Ministry of Economic Development regarding the Migrant worker system policies currently in place in the Maldives.

The recommendations were made by the Ministry to reduce the number of illegal migrants working in the country and find a permanent solution to the issue. The President's Office stated that the cabinet had discussed the recommendations and decided to implement the new policies. 

The new policy will see the quota allocations for migrant workers in the country revised. A regularisation program for workers operating outside the law is also included in the policy. A top-level task force named "National Taskforce on Issues Related to Migrant Workers" will also be formed under these steps.

The task force will be assigned with finding solutions to the issues of illegal migrant workers, hold discussions and finalize the steps that need to be taken against this in collaboration with government institutions.