Ferry in distress from Noonu Atoll sinks

Inside the ferry launch that got reefed. (Photo/MNDF)

A ferry launch that ran into trouble last night while traveling from Noonu Atoll to Male' city has sunk. 

The vessel sank around 9:45 in the morning of today while being towed toward the nearby island of Gaafaru. The ferry named ''Comfort Express MH1'' got reefed west of Kagi Maldives Resort in Kaafu Atoll and the incident was reported to MNDF around 9:46 last night. 

The 84 feet vessel had been carrying 11 women, four children, and 16 men when it got marooned on the reef last night. The vessel had five people on board when it sank today and an MNDF speedboat is now in the area.