Thinadhoo council president removed in a vote of no confidence

Thinadhoo council president Ibrahim Assad was removed from the post. (Photo/Addu live)

The president of G.Dh. Thinadhoo council Ibrahim Assad has been removed from the post following a vote of no confidence.

Four members on the Thinadhoo council fully from the governing MDP voted to remove Assad from the post during the meeting which was chaired by Assad.

"The president was here to chair the meeting initially but he left for personal reasons and the meeting was continued by the Vice Presiden. All the members of the council voted to remove the President from power," said a council member Ali Amjad.

Amjad noted that the move was because of a strain in relations between the President and members and lack of communication and discussions by the President. He also stated that the move was not to bring anyone else to the post.

"Official council meetings are for a specific purpose with a specific agenda. It is only during these meetings that we can discuss things with the president, however, these discussions at these meetings are on specific topics, and that is not how an exemplary council must be run," said Amjad.

According to article 121 of the Decentralisation Law, a council president or vice president can be removed from the post if the remaining members of the council vote to do so unanimously. However, this will not remove the president or vice president's council member status on the council.