Knee operations at ADK to be partly covered by Aasandha

Aasandha cover will be provided for knee operations carried out ADK hospital. (Sun Photo/ Ahmed Aushan Ilyas)

Knee operations carried out in ADK hospital will be partly covered by Aasandha. 

The managing director of ADK Ahmed Afaal stated that knee operations at the hospital cost around MVR 63,500 and MVR 60,000 will be covered under the Aasandha health scheme which will leave the patient with around MVR 3500 as cost.

Afaal also stated that the price for the operation was a package and will include all the costs of consultation with doctors and the cost for the days spent by the patient at the hospital. The Managing Director of Aasandha Mariyam Shafeega also stated confirmed that knee transplant operations at the ADK hospital costing MVR 60,000 will be covered by Aasandha. 

Aasandha has also agreed recently to provide insurance cover for knee transplant operations at the Medicare hospital and Treetop hospital, however, this was for patients who were in the queue at IGMH. The agreement with Treetop and Medicare hospital ensures that patients would not have to make any payments for the operation worth MVR 65,000.