82 cases of mugging and robbery in nine days in Male' city

A staggering number of robbery and mugging cases were reported to the police during the Eid holidays. (Photo/Police)

The recent Eid holidays saw a total of 82 cases of robbery and mugging reported, according to the statistics of police.

The statistics published by police show that 69 robberies and 13 cases of mugging were reported from August 9 to 17. The highest number of reported cases (23) came from the Maafannu constituency in Male' city.

206 different cases were reported in the Greater Male area. Police stated that 149 cases originated from Male' city, while 36 cases were reported from Hulhumale' and seven cases were reported from Vilimale'. 

Maafannu constituency was once again the constituency where the most cases (56) were reported while 52 cases were reported from Henveiru. 29 cases were reported from Galolhu and Mahchangoalhi saw 12 cases reported from the constituency.

After cases of robberies and mugging, road accidents were the next most reported cases. Around 40 accidents were reported to the police during the Eid holidays. Other cases reported to police include sexual abuse, harassment, domestic violence, drugs and cases of damage to property.