Tugboat captain in Adeeb's escape barred from leaving Maldives

"Virgo 9" tugboat in Maldives: The tugboat's captain has been barred from leaving the Maldives

The captain of the ship that Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor tried to flee the country on has been barred from leaving the country according to police.

Adeeb was detained while trying to enter India through the port of Tuticorin on August 1 by Indian authorities and was returned to the Maldives three days later. Police stated to "Sun" that the captain of the tugboat that Adeeb tried to escape on was barred from leaving the country and the case was under investigation. No further details were provided regarding the case.

Police have previously requested customs to detain the ship for the investigation once it returned to the Maldives.

Adeeb was reported to have been on the tugboat named "Virgo 9" by a sailor on the boat. Ten others were consisting of one Indian national and Eight Indonesian nationals on the Singapore flagged ship.

Indian news reported as per the Indian national on board that Adeeb had boarded the ship under the pretext of continuing his medical care. 

Police have also stated that at the time when Adeeb was detained, the tugboat was flying an Indian flag.

Adeeb stated in his detention hearing that he was forced to escape due to death threats he received as a result of his deal with the Prosecutor General to provide information regarding others involved in the MMPR corruption scandal. He has stated that he holds valuable information regarding some very influential people involved in the scandal.n

The state has appealed against Adeeb in the corruption case of Lh. Maabinhuraa's acquisition costs after the Criminal Court's sentence was quashed by the High Court. Adeeb's passport was held in this case. The Supreme Court has extended Adeeb's detention until the end of his trial.