Minister Shidhatha's criticism directed at Mashimaali parade

The Mashimaali parade in Kulhudhuffushi. (Photo/Kulhudhuffushi Online)

Gender Minister Shidhatha Shareef has stated that acts of bullying should not be targetted at anyone, which seems to be criticism directed at the Mashimaali parade that took place in H.Dh. Kulhudhuffushi during the Eid celebrations.

Minister Shidhatha's comments came via twitter as the photos of the Mashimaali parade began to trend on social media and stated that no type of bullying is to be tolerated and should be discouraged and protested against.

Even though Minister Shidhatha did not state the exact reasons behind her tweet, the Mashimaali parade in Kulhudhuffushi had directed jokes at her with a "Maali" showcased under the name of "E Dhaithage Gelluvaalaa Bedsheet". Loosely translated it means "The Woman's bedsheet that makes people disappear". More jokes directed at different political activities were also showcased at the parade.

The jokes directed at Minister Shidhatha was about the recent case of juvenile Abdulla Shaim, who went missing while under government care. The case had seen Minister Shidhatha receive stern criticism from the public to which she had responded by stating that employees had not checked on Shaim on the night he went missing because he usually covered his whole body with a bedsheet when sleeping. She also stated that the case was something that the whole government should be responsible for.

The Minister had also stated then that the shelter where Shaim was living was not adequately staffed with trained employees, did not have the necessary equipment or funds and that the building was in bad condition.