Family in distress rescued from picnic island

A.Dh. Bodu Finolhu: Police have rescued and returned a family that got stuck on the island, back to A.Dh. Dhangethi.

A family caught in distress at a small uninhabited picnic island in A.Dh Atoll has been rescued.

Police stated that the family including a 6-month old infant was rescued from an island named A.Dh Bodufinolhu, which is an uninhabited island. 

The family had been spending the Eid holidays on A.Dh. Dhangethi and visited the uninhabited island of Bodufinolhu before they got stranded on the island due to the bad weather. The speedboat that was supposed to transfer them back could not get close enough to the island due to the bad weather and rough seas, stated police.

The family included four men and seven women. Police noted the assistance they got from a boat from A.Dh. Dhangethi in the rescue and stated that they first received a report of the family in distress around 16:55 and managed to rescue the family and return them to Dhangethi around 18:55 yesterday.

The Maldives is experiencing a period of bad weather with the Meteorological Office issuing the yellow alert, the second-highest warning on the scale. Met Office has forecast that thunderstorms with heavy rains could be experienced from Baa Atoll to Dhaalu Atoll and warned of winds of up to 55 miles per hour.