Adeeb tasked with incriminating powerful people involved in scandal

Adeeb: Others should also be investigated. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

After the attempted escape of former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb, it was revealed in the Criminal Court that he had entered into 'deal' with the prosecutors to give up others who took part in the MMPRC corruption scandal. It now seems that Ahmed Adeeb is bent on revealing everyone who had a part in the corruption scandal with him and it is seen as extremely likely that the police are in possession of a lengthy list of these people given to them by Adeeb.

Adeeb admits to his crimes and reaches a deal

It seems that the 'deal' reached with Adeeb and the prosecution is under section 104 of the Criminal Procedure Code that allows the admittance of guilt by a party and allows the prosecution to enter into an agreement with the party.

Adeeb is currently providing the prosecution with the details of the whole scandal including the names of the people involved. He will also divulge how the funds were distributed between those involved to the authorities.

Such a deal might see Adeeb walk free or be given a lesser punishment due to his cooperation with the authorities.

Former VP Adeeb being brought to court on August 5. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

16 meetings, plenty of information

Adeeb entered into the deal with the prosecution around two months ago and since then has been providing the authorities with information that might incriminate political leaders, members of the parliament, senior government officials and even senior members of the judiciary. Adeeb says that the information he is providing the authorities with is of some very powerful and influential people in the country.

This resulted in him receiving threats and eventually led to him attempting to flee the country citing fears for his life. Adeeb left without much deliberation and says that he had no other choice but to try and flee.

He is still maintaining that he wants to continue with the deal and his attempted escape was not to stop cooperating with the authorities and asked the prosecution to continue with the deal during his detention hearing as well.

Adeeb's lawyer Mahufooz Saeed has stated that the MMPRC corruption scandal's investigation was targetted to bring down certain individuals and has not been fully completed. He has also stated that no scandal in the history of the country has ever been fully investigated and Adeeb's information will shed light on the whole scandal.

"Adeeb has held a total of 16 meetings with the authorities and each meeting lasted for around 3-4 hours. A lot of information has been revealed during those meetings and he will keep sharing more information in the future," said Mahufooz. 

16 meetings lasting 3 to 4 hours, would indicate that the authorities are already in possession of a fair amount of information. After the whole scandal has been revealed, the only step that will remain is charging those involved in the scandal.

Former VP Adeeb leaving Police headquarters. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

The information Adeeb gave is being used!

It seems that the information Adeeb has provided is being used by the state, who all of a sudden has changed its stance on terminating his conviction and even allowed him to travel abroad for medical treatment. 

The hearing held by the Judicial Service Commission to investigate Supreme Court's judge Abdulla Didi at Dharubaaruge saw a letter by police detailing allegations against the judge to be read aloud. In the letter, it was detailed that Judge Abdulla Didi took bribes from a person named "witness 1" to decide cases according to the instruction of "witness 1" that was paid using the MMPRC scandal money. The hearing also saw chatlogs of Judge Abdulla Didi and "witness 1" that detailed conversations between the two be presented.

"Sun" is very much certain that the person named as "witness 1" in the hearing is former vice president Ahmed Adeeb. It is also very much certain that the evidence against Judge Abdulla Didi was provided by Adeeb.

Former president Abdulla Yameen has also been charged with money laundering after he was alleged to have taken part in laundering USD 1 Million from the MMPRC scandal. The biggest fact noticed from the initial hearings in the former president's case is that Adeeb was named as one of the witnesses by the state against Yameen. His testimony will be instrumental for the state in proving its case against former president Yameen. This also most likely a part of the deal that the prosecution entered with Adeeb.

Former VP Adeeb has been named as a witness in former president Yameen's case. (Photo/President's Office)

Due to his attempted escape, Adeeb's testimony was not taken in former president Yameen's trial, however, it is almost certain that his testimony will be taken in the upcoming trials. 

Adeeb has not stated why he decided to enter into a deal with the prosecution, and even though it seems certain that he will get a lesser sentence or slap on the wrist for his cooperation, there must be other benefits that he will be gaining from the deal. There is also a chance that he might walk away from his crimes without any repercussions. But is there a darker side to this deal? and if so, is it truly acceptable for the Maldivians to let a criminal such as Adeeb walk free?